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ADTRAV History

ADTRAV Travel Management is a provider of travel management solutions, specializing in corporate, government, and NGO travel. Our experience and level of expertise in this field is unmatched, and our strengths are built upon our motto of “Service Nonstop.”

ADTRAV Travel Management is privately-owned and self-funded business, founded in 1977 in Birmingham, AL to meet demand in the emerging field of business travel. Since it’s founding, ADTRAV’s dedication to Service Nonstop has served the company well as it has grown from servicing local accounts, to establishing a regional presence, and then securing its identity as a national provider in the Corporate Travel industry. We are also proud to be the 2nd largest government travel provider in the nation, but the number we are most proud of is our 98% customer satisfaction rate, which we base on direct feedback from our clients.

The Right Partner

Our company has a number of advantages that make ADTRAV an ideal travel partner. Our practice of “Hire the attitude, train the skills” has created an environment of professionals who have a dedicated their careers to excellence in travel service.

ADTRAV has positioned itself as a right-sized company, capable of providing reliable service with solid processes while still being agile enough to develop new technologies that benefit our clients. We take a proactive attitude toward your travel program, providing data consolidation and expert analysis that helps your travel program change and grow over time.

Even as innovative new technologies emerge in the travel industry, customer service remains our number one priority. The key to our travel management success will always be our ability to deliver on our promise of “Service Nonstop.”

ADTRAV Family Values

  • Set your standards high
  • Live customer service
  • Create change and embrace innovation
  • Work hard, work smart, and rewards will come
  • Care about your ADTRAV family
  • Care about your community

ADTRAV at a Glance

ADTRAV Travel Management provides Service Nonstop for corporate, government, and non-profit (NGO) travel. We deliver innovative technology, custom solutions, and thorough data reporting, while delivering savings and exceptional service to our travelers.

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4555 Southlake Parkway
Birmingham AL 35244