Travel Management Solutions


ADTRAV is a technology oriented company using automation to streamline processes, enhance quality and improve the overall travel experience of our customers. From credit card reconciliation to new mobile applications, our philosophy is to integrate our own custom applications with your existing systems to develop targeted solutions.


  • RezDesk
    RezDesk is a travel portal that gathers and stores traveler profiles and preferences. Secured behind each traveler’s unique username and password, RezDesk offers a custom landing page that includes important announcements, program documents, industry updates, and other account management tools.
  • RezRequest
    RezRequest provides a fast-track method for submitting a travel request to your team of agents. Submit your itinerary, and then ADTRAV will find the best rate to get you to your destination.
  • RezTicketer
    RezTicketer is an electronic fulfillment division that has helped our government customers achieve the transactional savings associated with online booking, while still maintaining the integrity of their travel program. ADTRAV’s fulfillment process is completely automated, and offers unparalleled flexibility and accuracy enabling us to achieve “touchless” processing rates in excess of 90% with many of our customers.
  • RezConfirm
    RezConfirm is a customized traveler itinerary distribution system with color-coded banners signifying ticketing status. By referencing the banners, a traveler can quickly determine at what stage his request is currently being processed.
  • RezRefunder
    RezRefunder automates the cancellation and refund process, sending progress alerts to the traveler and Travel Manager via automated email notifications.


  • RezAlert
    RezAlert – This is included with our standard service package and includes the following:
    • Alert notification to Travel Manager of any event impacting travel
    • It is the travel manager’s responsibility to distribute this information to their travelers and travel arrangers
  • RezAlert Global Security - Standard
    • Alert notification to Travel Manager of any event impacting travel
    • Automatic ADTRAV-branded email notification of any travelers impacted by the emergency event with instructions to contact ADTRAV for assistance
    • Access to the ADTRAV-branded Risk Map with travelers current locations highlighted on map. Map includes risk summaries that can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate country.
    • Ability for the travel manager or ADTRAV to send directed messages to individual travelers by selecting travelers off the map
  • RezAlert Global Security - Custom
    • Alert notification to Travel Manager of any event impacting travel
    • Access to the Company-branded Risk Map with travelers current locations highlighted on map. Map includes risk summaries that can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate country.
    • Ability for the travel manager or ADTRAV to send directed messages to individual travelers by selecting travelers off the map
    • Ability to interface with Company HR system
    • Mobile check in of any employee on travel status with company. Ensures that company knows where ALL their employees are at all times.

Data Reporting

  • RezIntel
    RezIntel is ADTRAV’s proprietary business intelligence reporting system. RezIntel uses an innovative dashboard to provide live data reporting from a variety of sources and to display in-depth analytics in a user-friendly architecture. Use RezIntel to analyze spending trends in your travel program or project future savings with the “what if” scenarios.
  • RezAudit
    RezAudit is a trip auditing tool containing all email communications and RezConfirm itineraries associated with a particular reservation. This tool applies to both online and agent-assisted transactions, and gives you the ability to go back and review trips for policy compliance.
  • RezAlert Global Security - Custom
    For those who do not wish to employ the RezIntel dashboard, RezReporter is a system by which ADTRAV can create customized reports and executive summaries to be pushed to specified client recipients periodically via email.

Quality Assurance

  • RezCritique
    RezCritique is the comprehensive and flexible quality-of-service survey system that ADTRAV uses to obtain meaningful feedback from our clients, travelers, and travel arrangers. It is the backbone of our continuing initiative to improve our Service Nonstop.
  • RezAssure
    RezAssure identifies any records that are missing key data elements, including department numbers, costs center identifiers, ticket designators, hotel and car data, lowest airfare information, and any custom designed integrity tests. It is an automated check on every booking that assures accurate information and policy compliance.
  • RezFinish
    RezFinish is the final quality control review of a reservation for both online and agent-assisted bookings. It also completes the last phase of a reservation and generates the ticket, along with all the associated travel documents for the traveler.
  • RezMonitor
    RezMonitor is an internal system of highly-visible status monitors that enable ADTRAV agents and managers to track the urgency of incoming calls through a color coded bar graph display. It is a key component in our ongoing effort to reduce wait times and dropped calls.
  • RezPerform
    RezPerform is a comprehensive system which includes reservation scripting and quality control, that is used to monitor preferred supplier performance on a daily basis. RezPerform also captures appropriate justifications for non-compliance with the travel program. This data is invaluable when conducting annual reviews preferred supplier negotiations.
  • RezStart
    RezStart is ADTRAV proprietary reservation software that ensures the accuracy of every step agents take as they proceed through the booking process. RezStart monitors all facets of data capture, quality control, and policy enforcement.


  • RezApprove
    RezApprove is ADTRAV’s approval system that offers a level of flexibility and customization that is simply not available from any other approval product on the market. ADTRAV can incorporate multi-level approvals via text or email before or after booking.
  • RezSubmit
    Open Bookings are a controversial new option in the Managed Travel marketplace. RezSubmit is ADTRAV’s new application for incorporating open bookings into your operational workflow.
  • RezMobile (Trip Case)
    ADTRAV has partnered with TripCase to provide one-click access to travelers’ most important trip information right on their mobile devices. RezMobile includes detailed itinerary information, provides alerts of flight delays or cancellations, and gives travelers the ability to automatically update friends, family or business colleagues of their changing trip details.


  • RezQuest
    RezQuest is ADTRAV’s behind-the-scene process that continuously scans available airfares between ticketing and departure to identify possible savings opportunities. Based on rules set during implementation, savings opportunities are automatically sent to the RezQuest team for review, and then passed along to the traveler for approval.
  • RezTracker
    RezTracker is unused ticket tracking software that identifies any unused tickets and processes them for refund or reuse. Eligible non-refundable tickets are updated in RezTracker with the appropriate penalty amount and available funds. This information is immediately passed to the RezStart script for agent-assisted bookings and directly to the OBT for online bookings.

ADTRAV at a Glance

ADTRAV Travel Management provides Service Nonstop for corporate, government, and non-profit (NGO) travel. We deliver innovative technology, custom solutions, and thorough data reporting, while delivering savings and exceptional service to our travelers.

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