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ADTRAV understands that Travel Managers are tasked with a monumental responsibility. Not only are you responsible for the safety and comfort of every traveler at your company, but you are responsible to the company itself to ensure that their travel partners are experts and are operating with the best interests of the company in mind.

ADTRAV speaks your language. We understand your concerns and we work closely with you to provide a thorough, consultative partnership that functions not only to provide Service Nonstop for travelers, but an ongoing process of improvement that makes your travel policies increasingly successful over time in terms of service and value.

A Stable Partner

ADTRAV is primarily concerned with the long-term success of your company’s travel. We have this perspective because we think long-term about our own success, as well. Our company was founded in 1977, and has remained independently-owned and debt-free with an extremely diverse clientele. Like a well-balanced investment portfolio, ADTRAV has positioned itself to remain stable in uncertain times. This philosophy has paid off countless times for our company and for our clients, who count on us as a long-term partner in their success.

Account Management

Every ADTRAV client is assigned a personal Account Manager from our team of experts. Your Account Manager is your personal, primary point of contact for every question and concern, and has been tasked with understanding every nuance of your travel policy. They will help guide you through your initial implementation and then will be your liaison as our relationship matures.

Consultantive Policy Management

During implementation, ADTRAV works as your partner to understand your primary areas of concern, and suggest what we feel are the best options for solving your problems. As time goes on, we meet with you to study the performance of your travel policies, measure the effectiveness of our solutions, help you identify areas for improvement, and implement solutions that help you exert greater control and improve the bottom line.

Customizable Control & Policy Enforcement

Your travel policy goals and priorities are certainly not the same as another company’s, and you don’t deserve a cookie-cutter solution. You may have special corporate or industry requirements that regulate your travel decisions, or strict approval procedures that must be followed. ADTRAV helps you identify ways to tailor your new program to specifically address these requirements and promote policy compliance.

Thorough Data Reporting

ADTRAV provides the tools you need to quickly determine the health of your travel program, and even project ways to save money by creating “what-if” scenarios based on your actual data. We can help you track your current and future travelers as they travel the globe, and even identify opportunities to recover lost ticket values for future use. All of our systems are designed to give you flexible, applicable data that helps you enhance traveler safety and improve the financial bottom line of your company.

Travel Alerts

Through their policies and actions, Travel Managers assume responsibility for their travelers’ safety as they move around the globe. Weather, political instability, and other unforeseen risks can affect traveler safety in countless ways. ADTRAV not only keeps an eye on worldwide events, but we know where your travelers are. We then provide you with the information and options you need to make informed decisions that impact your current travelers, and those with upcoming itineraries.

VIP Travel Expertise

Effectively managing VIP travel is predicated upon an understanding of the value of time and convenience for our VIP clients. As a Travel Manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the expectations of your VIPs are met as they travel the globe. ADTRAV’s responsibility to you is to provide unmatched response times, travel option expertise, and an aggressively hands-on approach to your travelers’ comfort. Our success is their success, which is in turn, your success.

International Expertize

Managing international travel presents special and often unforeseen challenges. With ADTRAV as your partner, you are able to leverage our expertise and experience. ADTRAV’s International desk is staffed by agents who not only speak the language, but understand the culture and are familiar with the particular travel challenges at each destination. We also leverage our partnership with Radius Travel to provide exceptional information and service to our global travelers, while providing clean, useful data consolidation once the trip is over.

We Listen to our Clients

At ADTRAV, our company motto is “Service Nonstop”, and we take that very seriously. The only way to continuously improve our service is proactively seek out feedback from our clients and then listen closely to what they say. Of course we love positive feedback, but we learn the most from the negative comments, and we react quickly to improve in every way we can.

Lodging and Rate Negotiation

One of the strengths of a partnership with ADTRAV is leveraging our buying power to obtain group rates and special considerations for your travelers. We cultivate close relationships with our suppliers, and will negotiate on your behalf to bring down your travel costs.

Meeting and Event Planning

ADTRAV’s Meetings Department is an outgrowth of our relationships with travel, event, and venue suppliers around the world. We help you pick locations based on travel costs, accommodations, and amenities. Then we help you choose venues, vendors, and activities to fit your message and budget. After that, our experience and expertise guarantee a flawless and memorable event.

ADTRAV at a Glance

ADTRAV Travel Management provides Service Nonstop for corporate, government, and non-profit (NGO) travel. We deliver innovative technology, custom solutions, and thorough data reporting, while delivering savings and exceptional service to our travelers.

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